Wildewood Revenge: Book Review

Wildewood Revenge

The Wildewood Chronicles, Book One

By B.A. Morton

A knight. A witch. A Secret.

When Grace, a twenty first century heroine, is accidently transported through a time portal into the clutches of an impoverished medieval knight with one eye on her ransom, we are treated to a brilliant evocation of medieval England which heaves with corruption and intrigue.

The remote and beautiful wilderness of ancient Northumberland rings out with the sound of clashing swords, the hiss of arrows, thundering hooves and the chink of coin bags changing hands in shady deals.

It is all there: a spirited and sensual romance, an action-packed adventure story, hidden treasure, revengeful and devious barons and corpulent and corrupt clergy.

Beset on all sides by danger and deception, with only their wits and a small band of loyal followers to assist them, Grace and Miles of Wildewood find their lives inexplicably entwined as they battle for justice, honour and love.

My Review: Grace is taking a lonely walk in the woods, when suddenly she finds herself injured, hundreds of years in the past, and being held for ransom. She's taken to Wildewood against her will, and it isn't long before Grace realizes exactly how much danger she's in. In a world where women are in need of protection, where the smallest accusation can result in cries of witchcraft, where modern conveniences are hundreds of years in the future, Grace must tread very carefully. The struggle to survive soon replaces her thoughts of escape, and in the midst of all the intrigue, danger, and betrayal, Grace begins to discover a feeling of belonging she never felt at home.

Wildewood Revenge is a beautifully written historical novel with strong elements of romance, adventure, mystery, and fantasy. I was immediately captivated by the setting--the thick wilderness, the smell of damp earth and  wood smoke, the sounds of Wildewood coming alive again after Miles' long absence. I love the author's ability to flesh out believable, flawed, multifaceted characters. Grace is headstrong and brave, but hurt and vulnerable underneath her forthright veneer. She's her own worst enemy and often finds herself trusting the wrong people. Miles is hardworking, kind, and commands respect, but too caught up in revenge. The chemistry between Miles and Grace is explosive in more ways than one, and their relationship develops gradually as they learn to trust one another. The secondary characters in this novel are a delight--adorable Linus, loyal John, outspoken Martha, and even scheming Belle. Edmund is an enigma. There's definitely more to him than meets the eye. And Hugh--I'm not sure if I trust him, and neither is Grace. As for the more obvious villains, Morton has crafted two antagonists who torment Grace and Miles throughout the book. One is truly evil; the other is as obsessed with vengeance as Miles.

I enjoyed this well-researched book and can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. I'm usually not a fan of cliff-hanger endings, but for this book, I'll make an exception. It truly is an exceptional story, one which has all the makings of an epic series.

My Rating:5 out of 5 stars

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