Becoming Jason: Book Review

Becoming Jason
Becoming Night Touched Prequels
Book Two
By Maegan Provan

Jason Howard is the well connected, sport loving secondary hero in The Night Touched Chronicles. But who was he before? Becoming Jason: A Night Touched Prequel brings us right up to Jason's final day as a human and what happens shortly after. A short look into one of our favorite side kick's beginning.

My Review: This prequel to the Night Touched Chronicles is definitely an excellent addition to the series. We meet Jason when he's a human serving in the war, desperate to make it home to the person he loves. When he asks a friend to help him survive, life as he knows it ends and a new life begins, one he never expected. Heartbreak and tragedy result. I recommend this book to all vampire lovers, particularly those who are looking for an alternative to the high-school attending, vegetarian vampires that seem to be popular lately. The Night Touched vamps will appeal to traditional vampire fans.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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