Screaming Jenny: Book Review

Screaming Jenny 
By Becky Muth

This short novel is one of 13 that belong to a larger work titled HAUNTED WOMEN OF THE APPALACHIANS. Vanessa and Nick are on train en route to the nation's capital is stalled in the historic town located within Harpers Ferry National Park. Will a poignant message from the past help put the newlyweds' future on less shaky ground, or are they doomed for disaster?

Note: At the time of posting, Screaming Jenny is FREE on Smashwords.

My Review: Venessa is tired of Nick's gaming. Just once, she'd like to have his undivided attention. Resentment simmers as they barrel toward their vacation destination. When their train makes an unexpected stop, they become captivated by a tale from the past.

This is an excellent story written by a natural born story-teller. It's a well-written, spooky ghost story with a surprise twist at the end. Definitely worth reading!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I hope you'll enjoy the bigger collection when it comes out in the fall as well.

    One item of note, due to Amazon not having permanently free books on their site, I had to set the price as 99 cents everywhere. If it were up to me, the digital copy would be free on all platforms.

    Thanks again!
    Becky Muth


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