Second Summer: Book Review

Second Summer
MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary Romance Series
Book One
By Shirleen Davies

In this passionate Contemporary Romance, author Shirleen Davies introduces her readers to the modern day MacLarens starting with Heath MacLaren, the head of the family.

The Chairman of both the MacLaren Cattle Co. and MacLaren Land Development, he is a success professionally, but his personal life is another matter.

Following a divorce after a long, loveless marriage Heath spends his time with women who are beautiful and passionate, yet unable to provide what he longs for . . .

. . . Heath has never experienced love even though he witnesses it every day between his younger brother, Jace, and wife, Caroline. He wants what they have yet spends his time with women too young to understand what drives him and too focused on themselves to be true companions.

It’s been two years since Annie’s husband died, leaving her to build a new life. He was her soul-mate and confidante, she has no desire to find a replacement, yet longs for male friendship . . .

. . . Annie’s closest friend in Fire Mountain, Caroline MacLaren, is determined to see Annie come out of her shell after almost two years of mourning. A chance meeting with Heath turns into an offer to be a part of the MacLaren Foundation Board and an opportunity for a life outside her home sanctuary which has also become her prison. The platonic friendship that builds between Annie and Heath points to a future where each may rely on the other without the bonds a romance would entail.

However, without consciously seeking it, each yearns for more . . .

. . . The MacLaren Development Company is booming with Heath at the helm. His meetings at a partner company with the young, beautiful marketing director, who makes no secret of her desire for him, are a temptation. But is she the type of woman he truly wants?

. . . Annie’s acceptance of the deep, yet passionless, friendship with Heath sustains her, lulling her to believe it is all she needs. At least until Heath drops a bombshell, forcing Annie to realize that what she took for friendship is actually a deep, lasting love. One she doesn’t want to lose.

Each must decide to settle, or fight for it all.

Second Summer is the first book in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary novella series. Heartwarming stories of difficult choices, loyalty, and lasting romance. Watch for Hard Landing in the Spring of 2014.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Review: Heath MacLaren isn't looking for a long term relationship. Passionately committed to his family and their business, Heath only dates for companionship and fun--nothing more. His first marriage ended in divorce, and he's decided he's not the marrying type. Annie, a recent widow, likes and respects Heath. He's a wonderful friend and confidante, and though she can't help but feel attracted to him, she's happy with the way things are. When Heath tells Annie that he's considering entering a serious relationship, she has no choice but to face her true feelings for Heath. Can she accept Heath's decision, or will she have to give up the friendship that means so much to her?

As a fan of Shirleen Davies' historical romance series, I expected to enjoy her foray into contemporary romance--and I definitely did. Though I'm having to get to know a whole new generation of MacLarens, I'm finding there are several core values that have stayed the same. The MacLarens are fiercely dedicated to family, their community, and their ranch. They work hard, play hard, and love with all their hearts. Though the characters are often flawed and sometimes get sidetracked on their path to finding true love, these are men and women I care about and root for. Second Summer explores romance after divorce and widowhood. The characters face modern challenges and a modern, fast-paced world, but still get back to their roots when they connect as a family. I would recommend this book, not only to fans of the historical series, but to anyone who likes good, honest characters and true romance.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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