The Watchers: Book Review

The Watchers
Book One: The Watchers Series
Lynnie Purcell

16-year-old Clare Michaels has always known the truth - that she is the daughter of a fallen angel. That truth has made her life hell. She has spent her entire life running from the children of the fallen. A secret, centuries-old war has divided her kind, and there are only two options if the others find her - join the fight or die. Clare's only ally in her running is her mother, Ellen. They have always hidden in large cities where they could blend in and disappear. So when Ellen decides to move Clare to the tiny town of King's Cross - Ellen's hometown - Clare is skeptical. But King's Cross ends up being more dangerous than even she could imagine.

A dark creature is stalking the locals, Clare keeps hearing the thoughts of someone determined to kill her, and a boy in her class named Daniel seems absolutely determined to become her friend. Clare is not certain which of the three is worse.

But it is through Daniel's help that Clare is able to understand her angelic heritage, save lives, and come to grips with her destiny as one of the Watchers.

My Review: Clare and her mother, Ellen, have always had to hide. They've been on the run from city to city, finally ending up in Ellen's hometown. The voices in Clare's head have always been there, but now there's a menacing voice insinuating itself into mind and Clare is determined to find out who it belongs to. She's used to be assailed by the thoughts of others, so when she meets the first person whose thoughts are hidden from her, she wants to know more about the enigmatic Daniel. It seems Daniel has secrets of his own and his destiny is tied with hers.

I got this book for free on Kindle and I really feel like I should have paid for it. Indeed, I definitely plan to purchase the next book in the series. This book was good, but I have to compare it to Twilight. There are no vampires in this book, but The Watchers invokes that dreamlike feeling you get from Twilight, and the author is masterful in describing the setting so I felt like I right there in the forest, or driving through the small town. There are a few scenes and situations in the book that reminded me of Twilight as well--Daniel being the only person whose thought are blocked from Clare, Clare calling her mom by her first name, Clare's mom being sort of childlike and helpless.

If you loved Twilight, you'll love this book. If you didn't love Twilight, you'll still like The Watchers. Why? Because the author created a strong, believable heroine with a good moral foundation, the desire to help others, and powers of her own. As for the hero, he's cute, mysterious, and totally into Clare. Daniel doesn't want to control Clare, nor does he want to keep her in the dark about things that might directly affect her. Though the storyline isn't super original, it's still a very refreshing take on YA paranormal because the characters are top notch.

This was a very entertaining story that I would recommend to paranormal lovers. The romance is "clean" and suitable for young adults. This a definitely a series to watch.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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