Lupa: Book Review

The Green Woman Series
By Jane Dougherty

In Providence, a woman is no more than a vessel, to be filled and emptied. She expects no more, never to feel emotion, never to love or be loved, never to care. This was Lupa's destiny too. But Lupa has two bright stars in her existence—her small daughter Elina and the doctor who made sure she was born.

When Lupa learns that her parents are about to be ended, she finds the courage to break the chains of convention and resolves to bring together all those she cares about—her parents, her daughter, and the young doctor—to defy the cold laws of Providence with a barrage of love.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


My Review: Lupa is asking for trouble. In the city of Providence, citizens are supposed to do as they're told. They're supposed to work, raise the children assigned to them, and never ask questions. Above all, they aren't supposed to care. Lupa has the audacity to care about her child. When she goes into premature labor, and begs the doctor to save her baby, she makes a real human connection for the first time in her life. The doctor, Anshar, decides to help her even though it goes against all the rules. The result is Elina, a beautiful, intelligent child who Lupa loves even though it goes against everything she has been taught.

Lupa discovers her parents are about to be ended, which means they've outlived their usefulness in Providence. With Elina in tow, Lupa is determined to save her parents. Will the doctor who saved Elina be willing to help Lupa save her parents? And in a city where individuality is a crime, will he even remember her?

Lupa, the latest short story in The Green Woman series, is a story of humanity and courage. Like all the short stories related to The Green Woman series, it can be read as a standalone or in conjunction with the series. The story is so much more than quick entertainment. It's an emotionally charged read, evoking feelings of helplessness, anger, and ultimately, hope.It's a story about a city on the verge of uprising, and people who have decided that an honorable death is preferable to apathy. If you haven't tried The Green Woman series, now is a great time to get started.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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