Steal Me, Cowboy: Book Review

Steal Me, Cowboy
(Copper Mountain Rodeo)
By Kim Boykin

Unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Sassy South Carolina hairstylist, Rainey Brown, is headed to Missoula, dead set on giving her minor league baseball player boyfriend of four years an ultimatum. Either put a ring on it or let her go, preferably not the latter.

When Rainey's piece of crap car dies in the middle of Nowhere, Montana, she's sure she's a goner, until gorgeous restaurateur Beck Hartnett stops to help. Beck falls hard for Rainey, and knows she would admit she's fallen for him too, if she wasn't too stubborn to admit it. Beck has five days before the car is repaired to steal Rainey away from a boyfriend who doesn't deserve her. Five days before she's gone for good.

My Review: Rainey leaves her home in South Carolina, bound and determined to surprise her long-time, long-distance boyfriend by driving all the way to Montana to see him. When she's suddenly stranded, she's saved by Beck, a cowboy-hat-wearing hottie who can make the best grilled-cheese sandwich in the world. Faced with expensive car repair costs and a confusing attraction to Beck, Rainey must use her hairstyling skills and her quick wits if she's ever going to make it to her destination. But does she really want to leave? And, will Beck let her go?

I fell in love with this story and absolutely adored Rainey. She's such a fun, outgoing, plucky character. She's a hard worker, a good friend, and a proud, independent person who insists on paying her own way. Sure, she's a little blind when it comes to love, but who isn't? Beck is the perfect love interest for Rainey. He's intelligent, funny, calls her out when she's using southern charm to get what she wants, and boy oh boy can he cook! He's surprised by his quick attraction to Rainey and doesn't want to let her go. Not without exploring the blossoming attraction between them.

I read Steal Me, Cowboy in one sitting. It's that good. I was instantly drawn into the story and completely engrossed from start to finish. The sexual tension between Rainey and Beck was so thick, it would take a chainsaw to cut it. Rainey's voice is incredibly unique and fun, and I couldn't have enjoyed this story more. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to romance lovers everywhere. Kim Boykin has a new fan!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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