Wilder than the Rest: Book Review

Wilder than the Rest
MacLarens of Fire Mountain: Book Six
Shirleen Davies

Pierce is a rough man, but happy in his new life as a Special Agent. Tasked with defending the rights of the federal government, Pierce is a cunning gunslinger always ready to tackle the next job. That is, until he finds out that his new job involves Mollie Jamison.

Mollie can be a lot to handle. Headstrong and independent, Mollie has chosen a life of danger and intrigue guaranteed to prove her liquor-loving father wrong. She will make something of herself, and no one, not even arrogant Pierce MacLaren, will stand in her way.

A secret mission brings them together, but will their attraction to each other prove deadly in their hunt for justice? The payoff for success is high, much higher than any assignment either has taken before. But will the damage to their hearts and souls be too much to bear? Can Pierce and Mollie find a way to overcome their misgivings and work together as one?

Read Wilder than the Rest, another heartening story of duty, honor, passion, and love in book six of the MacLarens of Fire Mountain.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Review: Pierce is a Special Agent, tasked with trying to get to the bottom of a political plot in the thriving city of San Francisco. He loves being in the thick of the action. What he doesn't enjoy is having to work with Mollie, his determined, difficult partner. Mollie isn't too thrilled with her partner either. She sees Pierce as a distraction, and the idea of living in close quarters with him is infuriating. Will their mutual attraction get in their way of finishing their assignment, or will desire and love win over all?

This book is a bit different from the other books in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain series, but it still remains true to the core values in the series. Why is it different? Because this is probably the most complex book the author has written so far. As Pierce, Mollie, and their team uncover deep, dark secrets among San Francisco's most prominent business people, the plot twists and turns until there isn't a single character outside of the core team that the reader can trust. Almost everyone is suspected of having some ulterior motive. The author also delves into some of the political turmoil happening the nation during this historical period in time. At one point, I had to stop reading to marvel at how much research must go into the making of such a historically accurate, but still entertaining book.

I've probably repeated myself in almost every one of my reviews of the MacLarens of Fire Mountain books, but here we go again.. I can't get enough of this series or the characters. I love that the author brings starring characters from previous books into the current novel to remind us of how close-knit the family is. If you mess with one MacLaren, you certainly mess with the whole clan, because they will defend their own with their last breath if necessary. The brothers and cousins (and Aunt Alicia) aren't opposed to taking a loved one to task when it's needed. But that's what real family is all about. And the MacLarens are that kind of family--the kind who sticks together, stands up for each other, works to create a ranch where everyone has a place, and celebrates each new addition to the clan, whether it's a new baby, a new daughter-in-law, or a long-lost cousin they hardly know.

I give Wilder than the Rest (and the series as a whole) five stars. It's a series I'm proud to recommend.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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