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Fractured Moon (Aurelia Fridell #1)
By E.R. Pierce

Aurelia Fridell is a freak. The only werewolf who can't shift.

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, isolation creeps in, and worry settles in her gut. She accepted her status long ago, and yet lately, she's felt off-kilter. Eyes follow her, prickling her senses, and her headaches are getting worse.

Is she paranoid, or is someone, or something, stalking her? Watching. Waiting. Drumming fingers to a sinister beat she can't hear.

Time will tell.

Ceithin Starkley isn't looking for a mate. Especially now. In fact, he doesn't believe in true-matings at all. While being recruited for a new job, a scent on the wind stuns him, and he begins fighting an inner battle he never wanted, yet can't ignore.

Sparks fly, as Ceithin and Aurelia fight fate, and race against a clock neither knows is ticking.

Warning: This book contains a drool-worthy Alpha male, and a sassy heroine with brains and brothers you'll adore. A best friend every girl would love to have, and a terrifying road no one will see coming.

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