Interview with Carlton Lamberth

Today's guest is Carlton Lambert. He's here to tell us about his newly released novel, Lustful Consequences. Before we begin the interview, let's have a peek at the book:

Lustful Consequences is a gritty, contemporary fatal attraction tale of desire gone wrong. A love story filled with abandoned want out of control, dishonesty and sexual blackmail, Lustful Consequences provides the reader a non-stopped journey into eroticism. 

A love story, a crime drama and much more, Lustful Consequences could be pulled right out of today’s TV reality/newsmagazine headlines. Filled with graphic violence and steamy sex, Lustful Consequences has all the key ingredients to take eroticism to a new level of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love for the reader.

Lustful Consequences is available via Amazon or direct from the publisher, Club Lighthouse Publishing

Welcome, Carlton. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a retired police officer. I retired in 2007 after 30 years. I worked for a municipal department in western North Carolina. I retired as a lieutenant in the Patrol Division. I spent 11 in the Criminal Investigation Division prior to being promoted and transferred back to Patrol. I am married and have a son and daughter and two step daughters. All are grown and have “left the nest”.

When did you begin writing?

I started my Lustful Consequences in May of 2013. I completed it in August of 2013.

Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Lustful Consequences is an erotic/romance/crime drama with a fatal attraction twist.

How did you get the idea for the book?

The idea kind of evolved as I wrote. I had a basic idea of a story line but the more I wrote the more the story came alive and changed.

Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

In Lustful Consequences, Jenny is the main character and my favorite character. She makes a lot wrong choices which results in her world spinning out of control. In the end she figures it all out. Originally I had planned on her being the antagonist of the novel. But as my writing continued, I began to like her character and she evolved into my protagonist.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Brushing up on my grammar.

What is your primary goal as an author?

To write something people can enjoy reading.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have started a second novel.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Don’t give up. I don’t know how many publishers turned me down (I lost count), but it was a lot.

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Excerpt from Lustful Consequences

STANDING IN THE LINE at the grocery store check-out….. waiting….. waiting, the young woman looked at her wrist watch, sighed and glared up at the sign above the cash register.

"12 Items Or Less".

The woman eyed with contempt the man in front of her as he emptied his grocery cart full of items out onto the counter. He appeared intelligent enough to read. So she guessed he just chose not to acknowledge the signage.

"Inconsiderate jerk," crossed her mind as she impatiently waited in line behind him.

Seated in the man's grocery cart was a cute blonde haired boy, maybe five years old, who kept staring and smiling back at her. She crinkled up her nose at him. He smiled back and giggled at her.

"What's your name?" the little tyke enquired.

"Jenny. And what's your name?"

"Tommy." he responded sheepishly as she tapped him on his nose with her finger.

"Tommy. Well that's a very cute name for you….cutie."

She gazed at the man she assumed to be the child's father, as he continued to empty out the cart.

"Hmmm, not too bad for an older guy."

In his early to mid-thirties in age, about six foot two or so tall, with dark features and hair, well groomed and physically fit, he was handsome to say the least. His obviously muscular body was also evident even through the winter clothes and coat he wore. She noticed a plain gold wedding band on his left ring finger.

The man took quick glances at her as he took the final items out of his grocery cart. He hurriedly grabbed the final item out of the cart and placed it onto the counter. As the store cashier scanned the final item through the price checker, he glanced at her and smiled.

"There it is-- the look."

Jenny had seen that stare from men many times before. She managed a back smile at him. Clearing his throat, he spoke. "Uh, sorry about all this. She told me to come on through this line and check out," he apologized, pointing to the female clerk ringing up his groceries.

The cashier, a cute high school aged kid at best looked up at Jenny and smiled a sarcastic smile at her as if to say, "Deal with it lady."

"Why, you little hussy," Jenny thought as she eyed the cashier.

She returned her attention back to the man and spoke. "Oh, that's okay."

She was telling a lie; it really wasn't okay. But at this point she just wanted to buy her few items, get out of this store and head home. She knew the grocery store would be busy on a Friday evening. After getting off work, she had hurried to the grocery store for the few items she needed for the weekend and had hoped to pop in and out quickly.

"Seventy five forty three," the clerk announced.

Jenny watched as he scanned his debit car through the credit card scanner. He took longer more confident glances at her now that they had spoken to each other.

"Daddy bought me a truck," the young cotton topped boy said excitedly.

He raised his hand up and showed her a plastic, yellow pick-up truck. Jenny smiled at the little boy in acknowledgement.

"Wow," that's cool. You must have been a good boy today. What a nice daddy you must have to buy you this."

The toddler shook his head in acknowledgement to her. She sensed the man staring and smiling at her again.

"Daddy don't have a yellow truck. He has a blue truck and a police car," the little boy offered.

"Oh, is your daddy a policeman?"

He nodded his head, "Yes."

The man placed his now bagged groceries back into the grocery cart. He continued giving Jenny the once over with his eyes, glancing with approval as he placed the plastic bags back into the cart.

The button down blouse she was wearing did display a little cleavage of her breast, even more when she leaned forwarded. She was dressed in her 'work clothes.' She worked part-time at a women's clothing store at the local mall. Dressing professionally but with the hint of sexuality was expected of all employees. In addition to the blouse, today she wore a slightly tight fitting skirt, short enough to show off her shapely legs but without looking slutty. High heeled ankle boots completed her work day ensemble.

"I'll just give your daddy a little show," she thought to herself.

Bending over, she acted interested in the little boy's toy truck. As she leaned forward, the man's eyes became focused even more on the partial exposure of her breast. Sensing she had grabbed the man's attention and interest, she glanced up at him.

"So you're a cop, I mean policeman?"

"Well, actually a deputy sheriff."

"Oh, I see. What's the difference?"

"Uh, it means I have countywide jurisdiction. I work for the sheriff's department and the county government."

"Oh okay, I understand."

Not really understanding or caring for an explanation, she tried acting interested. She could tell the man had enjoyed her 'show' by his glances at her. Finishing up with the grocery clerk, the man proceeded towards the exit door pushing the grocery cart.

"Bye", the little boy said, waving and smiling at Jenny.
"Bye yourself, cutie."

She grinned and waved back and crinkling up her nose at him again. The man gestured an unsure wave to her. Jenny smiled back at him.

"Go home to your wife," she thought. "You can dream about screwing me the next time you're in bed banging her."

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