Midnight Star by Danielle Ward

Midnight Star
by Danielle Ward

18 Years, Immortal

Star-Gazer, Brightest Constellation

True Love, Eternal Commitment

Vegas, Vega

Who Will She Choose to Be?

Vegas Hart is walking a thin line between fact and fiction, only she doesn't know it yet. A star-gazing freak, musician and songwriter, a typical day in Vegas' life revolves around her music, her perfect boyfriend, Gage and trying hard not to take her mother's lack of parenting skills personally. But when a sexy professor subs for her astronomy class, the facts of Vegas' life turn into a twisted work of fiction, as sultry visions of him and her lead her to uncover she's not who she thought she was...not even close.

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About the Author:

Danielle is a National Board Certified teacher who does what she loves. She reads obsessively, writes constantly, and hangs out with teenagers to get great ideas for her books (under the guise of being their English teacher). She has a degree in English and Technical Writing and a Masters in Teaching, but all she ever really wanted to be was a writer…and maybe the person who gets to create cool names for Cabbage Patch Kids. She lives in Kentucky with her super-hero husband, two devilishly sneaky sons, two leopard geckos, six beagles, one cat, one corn snake, and a mouse that recently escaped its cage!

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