The Magic of Highland Dragons: Book Review

The Magic of Highland Dragons
(The Clan MacCoinnach)
By Kella McKinnon

A clan chief has a duty to wed and produce heirs, especially if he also carries within him the power to keep his people safe from the evil that seeks to triumph over them. But Bren Mac Coinnach has long refused to take just any wife. He secretly waits for the one woman that legend says will be his and his alone: his perfect other half, and each year of waiting grows longer and more difficult than the last. 

When a woman is placed under his protection, he makes a vow not to touch her against her own will, and he soon realizes it won’t be an easy vow for him to keep, especially since her will seems made of iron. Bren hungers for her with a need stronger than he has ever felt before, but in a world filled with magic and the timeless, endless battle between good and evil, both his honor and her life are soon at stake. 

Faith McAlpin had never thought she was much different from anyone else… but she is, and always has been. She would soon learn just how different, and the lessons come fast and furious, until she wonders if she will lose herself entirely, especially to the fiery passion and mesmerizing gaze of the Mac Coinnach Chief. Now the struggle has only begun…

My Review: While cataloging artifacts, Faith finds a Celtic ring. Or maybe the ring finds her. Fascinated by it, Faith takes the ring home and when she tries it on, she suddenly wakes up far away from home. Hundreds of years and across the Atlantic ocean, to be precise. She's taken to Bren, the Laird of MacCoinnaich, who is sworn to protect her. He promises to give her lodging and to ensure that no one lays a hand on her. Bren doesn't realize how difficult it might be to keep that promise. He's irresistibly drawn to Faith, and though he doesn't suspect that she is the soul mate he's dreamed of, everyone else seems to realize the truth--Faith and Bren are meant to be together.

I really enjoyed this book. The undeniable chemistry between Bren and Faith made this one of the best romance novels I've read in a while. I loved the way the author continuously ratcheted up the tension, and then for one reason or another, pulled back and made Bren and Faith wait a little longer for the ultimate moment between them. And, yes, it was worth the wait. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of time-travel plots, but I was satisfied by the magical explanation behind this tale. The fantasy aspects of this novel were very well done, and though I enjoyed the added bonus of magic, the romance still took front and center in this book. For those who like fantasy, romance, and Scottish tales, this story is definitely for you.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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