Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Reviews

Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles 

A Three Book Series by Brenda Perlin

Book One: Shattered Reality

When Brooklyn meets Bo, their lives are instantly turned upside down.

Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to someone else, have to decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for each other. Find out what Brooklyn's husband and Bo's soon-to-be ex-wife do to break them up.

Shattered Reality is the first book in a three part series that follows the main character, Brooklyn throughout her childhood, adult life and then what seems like an “endless” journey towards redemption.

My Review: Shattered Reality follows Brooklyn from her childhood through much of her adult life and takes an honest look at her struggles, accomplishments, deep tragedies, and pain. It's a no-holds-barred glimpse into the world of a woman ultimately labeled a 'home wrecker.'

If you think infidelity is a black-and-white issue, think again. If you've already made up your mind to dislike anyone engaged in an extra-marital affair, read this book. It might change your mind.

Brooklyn doesn't set out to be a home wrecker. In fact, it's the last thing she ever dreamed she'd do. She grew up in a fairly average family and it's likely you'll recognize some of your own childhood experiences within the pages of this book. When she experiences a difficult loss as a young woman, her life is thrown into turmoil, yet Brooklyn continues to persevere, finding a vocation that will last her entire life. A vocation and passion that will ultimately lead to her soul mate--and her new life as a 'home wrecker.'

We meet Brooklyn's husband. We explore her fears about entering in to the marriage, her insecurities, and her pain at realizing her fierce loyalty might have been misplaced. She's a good wife and an honest person, but unfortunately, her husband isn't always deserving of her love. There are tender moments between them, but also moments of emotional and verbal abuse. It isn't difficult to understand why Brooklyn would leave.

When Brooklyn meets Bo, she has found her soul mate. But what will Brooklyn's estranged husband do when he finds out Brooklyn has moved on? The answers will surprise you. When Bo's wife gets involved, things get interesting--and dangerous. Will Brooklyn and Bo's love conquer all? Or will the forces against them be too much for their new love to overcome?

This is an excellent book, well-written and thought-provoking. It's a book that shows there are two sides to adultery. Placing blame isn't always as easy as it seems. And, sometimes the 'victim' is the guilty party. It's a book that looks at emotional and verbal abuse. A book that explores family dynamics and greed. Overall, it reads like a memoir and at times, will bring you to tears. This is definitely the start to a very promising series.

My Rating: 5 out of 5stars

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Book Two: Burnt Promises

Bo and Brooklyn’s relationship is tested while Bo’s soon-to-be-ex wife continues to try to hold on for dear life. Will Bo’s ongoing divorce battle ever come to an end or will she be able to break them up? 

The main character, Brooklyn must learn many valuable lessons about herself, not without making many costly mistakes along the way. Now that she has found what she considered, her “soul-mate” in Bo, she would have to continue to defend herself against even her closest of friends, family members, and Bo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Ruth. 

This first person account chronicles the inexhaustible struggles she faces with the man that she loves. Brooklyn must learn a thing or two about patience as Bo’s divorce settlement seems to be never ending. Throughout her journey, Brooklyn shares some of Ruth’s intimate emails to Bo and gives you a good look into the mind of a woman scorned. 


My Review: Brooklyn never meant to be a cheater. After living her entire life with honesty and integrity, she never planned to end her marriage, break her husband's heart, or exchange security for the unknown. This latest installment in The Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles picks up where the first book left off by following Brooklyn on her journey to establishing a life with the man she risked everything for. This book also delves deeper into Brooklyn's psyche and takes a brutally honest look at her shattered marriage.

Burnt Promises is just as honest and emotionally gripping as the first book. It explores the issues of self-esteem, self-fulfillment, love, guilt, betrayal--and even racism. Brooklyn's guilt and Ruth's nasty accusations cause Brooklyn to embrace the title "Home Wrecker" and this theme creates great conflict in her life.

Ruth takes a leading role in this second book as letters and emails to her ex-husband paint a portrait of a bitter, irrational woman who is quickly losing her grasp on reality. Ruth hurls vicious anti-Semitic slurs at Brooklyn thus making it difficult to feel any compassion for her as a "scorned" woman. As Ruth's antics escalate, Brooklyn delves more deeply into her own past, her motivations, and her own guilt.

This book reminds us there are often more than two sides to every story. Burnt Promises gives the reader insight into that "other" point of view we seldom read about. Does every person deserve a chance at happiness even if it means hurting someone else, or is each individual responsible for their own joy? How much should one sacrifice in a relationship before deciding to move on? How does someone forgive him or herself when the world conspires to reinforce feelings of guilt? Does love conquer all? These questions will leave you thinking about the book long after you've finished reading.


My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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Book Three: Fractured Vows

When love comes with a price...

What happens once a vengeful ex just won’t let go? Bo and Brooklyn’s worlds are turned upside down as they find themselves facing insanity in the form of an angry woman who loses all reason when she tries to destroy them. Will Ruth give up or will she succeed in ending the relationship between her former husband and his new love?

My Review: Bo spends years looking for the one woman he can love for the rest of his life. At various points, he believes he's found the perfect woman, but when he meets Brooklyn, he discovers someone truly special. While Bo's ex will do anything to destroy his happiness, he's willing to do anything to hold on to the one woman who completes him.

Fractured Vows is the a story of lost love and renewed hope. The beginning follows Bo's early life, from childhood to his first marriage. By taking an intimate look at the way he was raised, the reader comes to understand what it is that Bo expects from marriage. As Bo becomes a successful businessman and loving father, he tries to give his children and spouse the things he didn't have growing up. He mistakes financial riches for fulfillment until he meets Ruth. With Ruth, he realizes that not all the money in the world can make up for an unhappy marriage, that there's more to life than travel and parties and nice things. Brooklyn offers everything he's been missing--understanding, companionship, and love.

Reading a Brenda Perlin book is like sitting down and chatting with a friend. Her writing style is honest, comfortable, and from the heart. Fractured Vows is the third book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, but the first from Bo's point of view. Hearing Bo's perspective on his divorce from Ruth and relationship with Brooklyn is very eye-opening. It reminds us there are always two (or more) sides to every story. I'm sorry to see this series come to an end, but grateful for having read it. It's been a thought-provoking journey.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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