E: Book Review

By Kate Wrath
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A poignant tale of love and friendship in a world beyond hope…

Outpost Three: a huddle of crumbling buildings choked by a concrete wall. Cracked pavement, rusted metal, splintering boards. Huge robotic Sentries police the streets, but the Ten Laws are broken every time one turns its back.

Eden is determined, smart, and a born survivor. Stripped of her memories and dumped on the streets of the Outpost, slavers and starvation are only the beginning of her problems. A devastating conflict is coming that threatens to consume her world and tear her newfound family apart.

Life is harsh. It makes no exceptions. Not even for the innocent.

My Review: Imagine a bleak, harsh, dystopian world where starvation is the norm and people will do anything for survival. Where giant, metal Sentries wield swift, brutal justice, and citizens are ruled by fear. This is the world Kate Wrath has created, a world in which Eden must learn to survive. Cold, alone, her mind wiped clean of all memory, Eden has been erased. She must either run or face slavery—or worse. Injured, starving, and betrayed by the person she thought she could trust, Eden finally forges a plan for escape, but ends up finding a family instead. But in this world where danger lurks around every corner, love can sometimes be your greatest liability.

Only a very talented author could create beauty from such desolation, and that’s what Kate Wrath has done. This story is beautifully written with expressive, descriptive prose. Make no mistake, though. The author doesn't sugarcoat the harsh realities of slave-trading, poverty, and war. Her characters manage to find moments of happiness and a sense of community, but all the while are planning ways to escape. Desperation is a huge theme in this book. What will one do to survive? What will one do to save the people they love? While some seem to turn off their humanity in order to survive, others like Eden occasionally break under the pressure. But Eden's inner strength triumphs again and again, and her sense of justice and love for her "family" drives her onward.

E is the first in a multibook series. Though the ending comes at a good stopping point, it's not entirely conclusive. You could stop at the first book, but why would you want to? E is stunning novel that I would recommend to everyone. I will certainly be reading the next book.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

(Learn more about E and Kate Wrath's upcoming projects on her website: http://www.katewrath.com/)


  1. Thanks so much, Tricia. This is a beautiful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed E. :)

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