Beyond the Realm of Night: Book Review

The Green Woman: Book Three

By Jane Dougherty

At the end was darkness. Now it is time to go back to the beginning and rekindle the light.

Deborah, the daughter of the Green Woman, reaches her journey's end only to find it has barely started. Escaping Providence was the easy part. Now, as her mother's strength fails, the burden of the Memory passes to Deborah. The Garden is waking, the Iron Horde is massing, the Queen's host is gathering. The Fianna have sailed the western ocean and Providence is alight. But evil has put down strong roots in the hearts of the citizens of Providence and Deborah fears she has not the power to tear it out.

If she cannot summon up the green earth magic of the tree, Abaddon and his Iron Horde will trample the new shoots of the Garden. For Abaddon has the power of death with him. The weapons to defeat him are life and love, but Deborah longs to join the shadowlands, and her love is dead.

This is the final volume of The Green Woman series, in which the broken pattern will be mended and the balance of good and evil restored. Or not.

My Review: In the final novel in The Green Woman series, Deborah is finally reunited with her mother, but their meeting is bittersweet. Deborah longs to relinquish her burdens, but her struggles have only begun. Rachel is failing and the memories must be passed on to Deborah. As the Garden comes to life, an epic battle between good and evil is brewing. Only through love and sacrifice can the balance be restored.

In a society where free-thinking is forbidden and where women are second-class citizens, how can Deborah expect anyone to follow her? Providence is collapsing from the inside out, but old habits die hard and some would rather cling to fear and the Wise God than embrace a new way of life. Deborah, broken and traumatized from her many hardships, must complete the Green Woman's work and confront Abaddon before he plunges the world into even greater darkness.

Deborah has emerged as a heroine of the bravest sort. Sometimes flawed and arrogant, Deborah has not always been likable, but in Beyond the Realm of Night, we're introduced to her vulnerabilities and get to know Deborah on an entirely different level. The heroes and heroines in this book are many, and come from a variety of backgrounds. Men who must accept a new way of thinking. Mothers who risk everything to save not only their own children, but any child who needs help. Children who show incredible bravery in the face of death, even risking their lives to save their friends. This is a novel that proves that standing up to evil does not always mean lifting a sword and riding into battle. Evil must be fought at a fundamental level and the greatest weapon is love.

Beyond the Realm of Night is an epic finish to an epic trilogy. This series is outstanding and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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