Book Review: Jeremy (The Night Touched Chronicles Book 2)

(The Night Touched Chronicles: Book 2)
Maegan Provan

The search for another Night Touched leads Harper and the others to the Big Easy,where things become everything but. Tired, vengeful and ready to bring down the entire Slayer organization, Harper chooses to focus on her mission and forget about her heartbreak.

Silas’s mind is in the same place. With eyes already on the preacher, he makes it his goal to get to him before Harper does. He quickly learns that it’s hard to see a plan through in another state and has to hit the road with his lieutenant, John.

Jeremy has always had a strong belief in God. After being turned, he struggles to find his new place between being a man of God and a blood sucking fiend. After a chance meeting and a confrontation, Jeremy’s mind has never been more torn.

My Review: This mind-blowing sequel is everything a sequel should be. Don't get me wrong. I loved Book 1 (Celine), but Jeremy comes with more action, more drama, more revelations into the characters' pasts, and more insight into the world of vampires.

Harper, Celine, Jason, and Lily have left NYC behind in search of a Night Touched who needs their help. Their search brings them to New Orleans where nothing is as it seems. They find Jeremy, the Night Touched, in an unlikely place. Jeremy is a man of God and therefore struggles to come to terms with the inhuman being he's become. While he tries to fight his natural urges to feed, he's also forced to make a decision between two opposing forces. Who has his best interest at heart? Will he ever be safe?

Silas, also drawn to New Orleans, is facing problems of his own. His position as a Slayer is under threat, and his reputation is in tatters. He must redeem himself, but it's hard when Harper keeps getting in his way. Not only is he in competition with Harper to see who gets to Jeremy first, he must also fight his feelings for the women he's not allowed to love.

This novel is a fast-paced, non-stop romp through New Orleans. The subplots are neatly interwoven with the main conflict, creating an exciting adventure with mystery and romance at the heart of it. The author has also taken us into the past so we can find out what made these characters who (or what) they are. Some authors struggle to use flashbacks effectively, but Provan does an amazing job of ensuring her flashbacks are both insightful and relevant to what is happening in the present. She also builds up tension throughout the story which practically explodes off the page when a secret is revealed at the end.

Standout aspects of this book... The romance between Harper and Silas is a biggie. Their chemistry is strong, and even though they're struggling with feelings of betrayal and confusion, they can't deny each other. I love the dialogue between these two characters and the evolution of their relationship. Another standout character is Jeremy. The internal conflict he faces really takes this book to a new level. It's part of what makes this a mature book for readers who want MORE in a vampire book.

The ending of Jeremy is another aspect of this book that the author got really, really right. It's hard to know where to end a book that's part of a series. You don't want to wrap things up so neatly that readers won't want to read more. But you don't want to resort of using emotionally manipulative cliffhangers to force the reader to pick up the next book. I like books that leave me wanting more, while still giving me enough closure to where I feel like I read a fully formed book, and Jeremy is a perfect example of this. I recommend this book to everyone. If you're a vampire fan, this is a must read. If you're not a fan of vampires, this book might change your mind. Read it!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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