Gingerbread Castle: Book Review

Gingerbread Castle
By D.M. Yates

Gingerbread Castle is an illustrated children's holiday rhyme book for ages 6-8 yrs old and is about a visit to a fun castle in Dreamland.

Sample from the Inside Flap feature on Amazon:

Gingerbread Castle is straight ahead,
made from thick slices of gingerbread.
Jimmy stops the sleigh with a spin.
Merrily Jimmy says, "Let's go in."

Notice, the walls are wafers baked brown?
Colorful sugared flowers line the ground.
The shutters are mint twist candy,
with jellied leaves that are most dandy.

My Review: Gingerbread Castle is an enchanting illustrated book both children and adults will enjoy. It's ideal for elementary school readers to read alone, or for parents to read to their preschoolers. Children will love the rhyming pattern and the corresponding images that paint an ideal winter wonderland. They'll imagine themselves climbing aboard the shiny red train or sipping their own cherry milkshake in the Sweet Treats room!

If you're looking for a book to share with your child, one that will transport you both to a magical place, Gingerbread Castle is for you.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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