Interview with Roger Lawrence

I'm thrilled to introduce Roger Lawrence, author of two stories in the fantasy/horror anthology, Strange Portals. Roger is the author of several published novels. To sample his work, please read his short stories by downloading a free copy of Strange Portals on Smashwords, Nook, or Kindle. You can also sample Roger's writing on his excellent blog.

Welcome, Roger! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

After leaving school I joined the Royal Marines where I was taught how to shoot things, blow stuff up and generally had a good time flying in helicopters all over the place. After that I was, variously, a Bingo hall manager, truck driver, boat driver and finally chauffeur/bodyguard which I only stopped about three years ago. What attracted me to the chauffeuring part was the chance to write and get paid for it since most of my life was spent waiting. I produced another five novels sitting in the front of various cars in dark alleys all over the world.

Can you tell us about the stories you've published in Strange Portals?

My two stories in Strange Portals were just idle moments of fun. The Dogs Bodies, were a couple of friends of mine. After years of unemployment they used to get up to some pretty grim stuff. Not anything as bad as in the story but enough to give me an idea. They both loved it until they discovered the identity of the two characters. The second, about the monster, began life a comedy. I quickly realised that nobody could like such obnoxious individuals, so I changed it and killed them off at the end. Sometime later, I wondered if I could draw it out and that was where Kongomato 1, 2, and soon 3 began.

Please tell us about your other published work.

I don’t really have a preference in what I read or write. So my first two books were about three teenage boys who save this and other planets from destruction but are always careful to get home in time for school on Monday morning. They are comedies and offered me a perfect opportunity to play with my rather juvenile humour, according to my wife.

Two horror books followed and then two of four more SF novels about three very bored old men living in New Los Angeles. After finding a time machine they borrow it and accidentally destroy the Earth. I love paradoxes so the old Geezers series allow me to indulge myself and since nobody can really disprove my theories, I had a really good time.

What is your newest release?

bookofpain6My newest novel is called The book of Pain, and is the story of a man sentenced to spend eternity alive and in hideous agony. After three hundred years without sleep or food, and after suffering more than any human should, he discovers a way of releasing himself from this hell but the chance does not come for another hundred years. Has his humanity warped sufficiently for him to commit the act required to rid himself of the curse? This is my longest ever novel and I’m proud of it. Only sales will show if it’s really any good.

What projects are you currently working on?geezers

I’m now writing Kongomato 3, Old geezers 3, and have just begun a new horror novel I’m quite excited about.

Do you have a book recommendation to share with us?

I’ve just read the full length version of Stephen King’s The Stand. When he originally wrote it the technology was not good enough to bind it all into one paperback, so he shortened it. Like most of his earlier work, it is terrific.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Just write. Whether you’re one of those who knows the entire plot before you begin, or like me, just start and see what happens, just keep writing. Don’t let anybody stop you. Then when it’s done, take a week off and don’t stop editing until it’s ready. And even then, edit it one more time. The reading public never forget or forgive a book full of punctuation errors.

Where can my readers go to connect with you or learn more about your work?

My twitter name is@publish_or_die

My books are on sale with Amazon, Smashwords, all of which links can be found on my blog:


  1. It was very kind of you to interview me, Tricia. thanks for having me on.

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