Interview with Terry Compton

Today's guest is Terry Compton, contributor to the fantasy/horror anthology, Strange Portals. You can read Terry's short story, A Leprechaun's Gift, for free on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was raised in SW Missouri.  I came to Montana in the Air Force and stuck around for the last forty-eight years.  I spent fourteen of those years in the Air National Guard.  I now own my own business where I make ornamental iron gates and railings.  I also install gate operators.  I like hunting and fishing and in the past drove my own stock car at the local track.  I have a few trophies sitting on my computer desk from that including one I didn't really want to earn.  It was for the worst crash of the year.  Another driver clipped the back of my car and sent me into the wall.  I wound up upside down sliding down the track with most of the rest of the field coming up on me.  No one hit me but…  My wife of forty-eight years lives with me and a small dog who thinks she's a short furry people.

When did you begin writing?

I started in 2009.  A friend of mine bought a sail boat down in Texas.  He spent a couple of years fixing it up then decided to sail across the Gulf of Mexico and up the inner-coastal waterway from Florida to close to Washington, DC.  He started writing short descriptions of his journey.  That triggered an idea in my head.  I'd had ideas about a couple of novels but never could get a good outline and character study done.  I sat down in May of 2009 with a beginning of a story and let the characters lead me.  In November, I published that first story.  I have over thirty short stories and novels published now.

strange portalsCan you tell us about your story (or stories) in the anthology, Strange PortalsWhat inspired you to write it?

My story in Strange Portals is about a leprechaun living in Montana.  My granddaughter was going through some rough times with friends.  Her complaints triggered an idea.  It wound up as the Leprechaun's Gift.  Sometimes true friendship can be worth more than imaginary gold.

Please tell us about your other published work.

I write pretty much what pops in my head.  I have two different western series, two sci-fi series, a fantasy series and a stand-alone romantic mystery.  There's a couple of thrillers in there and some spoofs of politics and everyday life.

What projects are you currently working on?Wanted Hunter

I'm in the process of editing the third book in my newest series Wanted and writing the fourth book.  The first book Wanted is free for a limited time on kindle, Smashwords and the other major retailers.

Do you have a book recommendation to share with us?

I like Lindsey Buroker's Emperor's Edge series.  One I'm enjoying now is MCA Hogarth's Her Instruments series.  When I stop to think about it, I have a kindle reader full of books I've read in the last two years.  I just like to read.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

I think a couple of things I've learned from the local writers club.  One of the members speaks once a month on writing topics.  He's been in the business for thirty plus years, so I think he knows what he's talking about.  One of the things he said was to visualize your scene before you sit down at your computer.  Think about what the characters are doing, how they'll be doing it, what it smells like, what the area looks like, in short make a movie of the scene in your head.  Then when you sit down, write the scene.  Don't make any corrections until you have it all down.  The other good advice he gave was a picture of a dog sitting in a chair in front of the computer.  It said, "Sit!  Stay!"

Where can readers go to connect with you on social media or to buy your books?

My website is:  

My website has links to most of the retailers but here is a few:  Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

P7204661Terry Compton has raced stock cars, rode horses across the Scapegoat Wilderness, fished and hunted most of his adult life while trying to pay for these hobbies by working at several different jobs.  He is an Air Force veteran and served in the Air National Guard for several years.  Currently, he is the owner, chief welder and installer for an ornamental iron business.  Terry has made several award winning metal creations and is now turning this creativity to writing.

Terry loves to read.  Some of his favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Andre Norton, Poul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, Louie L'Amour, Zane Grey and Anne McCaffery.  Newly found 'indie' authors with e-books he enjoys are Lindsay Buroker, Joseph Lallo, M. R. Mathias, Brian Rathbone, L. J. Sellers, Dana Stabenow and Luke Sky Wachter to name just a few.

Terry currently lives in Montana with his wife and a dog who thinks she is a short furry people.