The Politician's Heart: Book Review

The Politician's Heart (Growing Strong Series Book 3) by Michel Prince

Karen Schroeder made the choice to be a politician. Her local success has caught the eyes of her party and she’s suddenly thrust into the national stage. She knows how to play the game and exactly who she needs to be, even if it’s not who she really is.

Sarah Lindstrom has never questioned her feelings, even when they made her believe her girlfriend would say yes to her proposal instead of breaking up with her. When she sees Karen Schroeder campaigning the rush of attraction is undeniable. Sarah knows she’s been wrong before, but her feelings for Karen overwhelm any apprehension for this woman who’s trapped in the closet.

As the relationship grows Sarah learns love can be painful when the one you love can only be herself with the door is closed. More importantly her love of Karen could cost her everything she’s worked for. Can love bloom when hidden in the dark?

My Review: Sarah Lindstrom has never tried to hide who she is. With her friends from The Growing Strong mafia by her side, she's always been confident that someone would support her decisions. She enters uncharted territory when she falls for Karen Schroeder, the closeted candidate of a conservative party. Forced to hide in the shadows, Karen relies on her best friend, Ashton, who pretends to be her boyfriend. While Sarah understands why Karen can't take their relationship into the public spotlight, the secrecy is more than she can handle.

The Politician's Heart is the third book in the Growing Strong series. For anyone looking for diversity in romance, this series is perfect. The first two books focus on interracial relationships, while book 3 is the author's first foray into F/F romance. Each book focuses on a different woman in the "Growing Strong mafia," a group of four best friends who own a childcare center/school. Each woman faces a unique challenge on her path to love.

In The Politician's Heart, Sarah has already come to terms with who she is and what she wants. She has a stable career and an excellent support system. Karen's experience has been the opposite. She's trusted her secret with very few, and while she's used to living a life of secrecy and lies, Sarah is not. As the relationship between the two women develops, the lies take a toll on both women. Sarah doesn't want to be a dirty little secret, and Karen is facing an epic identity crisis.

The author of this series has always done an excellent job exploring the psyche of her characters. In this book, she's captured the dilemmas faced by those who aren't free to be who they really are, and the psychological damage inflicted by those who care only about what other people will think. This story is romantic, but also thought-provoking. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys romance or women's fiction. If you think F/F romance isn't for you, I'll bet this story will change your mind.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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