Promotional Opportunity for Authors and Bloggers!

The Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Blog Tour is scheduled to kick off May 24th through May 30th. If you're an author and/or blogger, this is a great chance to raise awareness about piracy AND to promote your own book too!

For authors who are in the KDP Select program or have other means of giving away free books, this tour is a great chance to promote yourself.

For bloggers, this tour could be a fun way to connect with other bloggers and authors, AND to find some awesome, free books!

How will this blog tour end piracy? It won't. Piracy is a problem that isn't going to go away. Hopefully, we'll be able to sway a few readers away from the pirating sites and lead them toward places where they can legally obtain free books. Bear in mind that a lot of these "pirate" sites aren't giving away books at all. They're collecting data from unsuspecting readers who are trying to score a free book, and they're collecting data from angry authors who are filling out forms to try to get their book removed from the site. The readers get a free book (riddled with formatting errors and viruses), and as a bonus, their email addresses are sold to nine-zillion spammers. There IS a better way to get free books, and we're going to show readers how to do it.

So, why give away free books? Authors run freebie promotions all the time. If you're part of the KDP program, you have five "free" days every three months. If you're going to give away free books anyway, why not join the tour? Participating authors and bloggers will share a list of participating books and authors. This is a great chance to make the most of your KDP "free" days. For me, giving away free books is a way to thank my readers for their support. Even if no one buys any of my books, I appreciate readers who avoid piracy sites and download books through legal means. Opinions on freebie promotions vary, but I think we all agree that authors should decide how and where to give away free books. No one has the right to offer our books for free without our permission.

Where do I sign up? Click HERE to be directed to Maegan Provan's blog post that explains everything in detail. You can also click HERE to join the Facebook group.

If you're unable to participate as an author or blogger, you can still join the Facebook group and stay up to date on the tour. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expand your digital library. You might find a new favorite book.


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