A Chat with Juliet B Madison

Today I’m delighted to welcome Crime Author Juliet B Madison back to Authors to Watch to tell us more about her latest DI Frank Lyle related project, which is something we can all get involved with.

JULIET: Thanks Tricia. It’s great to be here again, I always feel so welcome.

TRICIA: So what’s the new project all about and how can we join in?

JULIET: My friend, Andrew Scorah, gave me the idea last year when he collated an anthology of stories to raise money for Women’s Aid and to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence.

Basically I want people to write a story of between 4,000 and 6,000 words in any genre (It doesn’t have to be crime) featuring characters from the DI Frank Lyle Mystery Series.

TRICIA: What charity will the anthology raise funds for?

JULIET: I have chosen Macmillan Cancer Support, which is one of the leading cancer charities in the UK, where I’m resident. My late partner, David, and I got a lot of help from them during his last months and our Macmillan nurse was very helpful to us both. She helped us access resources and support as we did not have a computer or Internet access then. I don’t think there are many people out there whose lives have not been blighted by cancer at some stage, whether directly or indirectly. You can find out more about their work at http://www.macmillan.org.uk/

TRICIA: Where can my readers find out more about this competition and are there any prizes or an entry fee?

JULIET: Your entry fee is effectively your story. I disapprove of competitions that charge an entry fee which is prohibitive to some people on welfare or low income. The author of the story I judge to have best represented the characters in the DI Lyle series will have their complete story published on my website and also receive a personally signed DI Frank Lyle paperback of their choice. All stories received will be published in an anthology in both ebook and paperback format.

You can find out the full details on my website.

You can also join in with the anthology’s Facebook event here.

TRICIA: Have you had many entries so far and will you be contributing a story yourself, although it’s obviously not fan fiction for you?

JULIET: So far I have received two stories, including yours, and another one is approaching my in box. I have written my own story, Sudden Impact. I will keep the first story I wrote for another time as I didn’t feel it was right for this anthology.

TRICIA: Other than raising money for a cause you clearly believe in what else do you think you will get from collating these stories?

JULIET: Well for me it’s the fun of seeing what other people do with my characters and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the stories I have received so far.

TRICIA: What are the copyright issues associated with a project like this?

JULIET: The contributors will retain the copyright for their own stories with regard to the anthology, but as the DI Frank Lyle brand is my copyright they will require my written permission should they ever wish to use it elsewhere.

TRICIA: Are the stories crime related?

JULIET: One of them, Family, deals with paedophilia and the trafficking of young girls for the sex trade. Yours deals with guilt, the consequences of bad choices and highlights the plight of homeless people. Another story, Angels & Demons, which I haven’t received yet, deals with crime, but not sure exactly who or what DI Lyle and his team will be dealing with in that one. Sudden Impact deals with an incident that Thomas and James have to deal with on the way back from visiting Jez in prison.

TRICIA: When do you think the book will be ready for release?

JULIET: The closing date for submission of stories is 1st July 2015. I then have to get on with advanced promotion. I’m provisionally thinking about September 23rd as that will be the seventh anniversary of David’s death so I will have something to positively focus on during what is a very bad week for me. That’s why I released Best Served Cold on that date last year. I also have to finish writing Dead on Arrival as well, which I would like to have out in time for Christmas.

TRICIA: Does it seem weird having people writing about characters that you have created?

JULIET: It does a bit, but I’m no stranger to writing fan fiction as I have done several pieces myself about TV shows like Downton Abbey, Wild at Heart & Endeavour (the Inspector Morse prequel). One of these days I keep promising myself I will write one about Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS.

TRICIA: I can't wait to read the anthology. I happen to know a couple of the authors participating, and I'm excited to see what they come up with! Thanks again for stopping by Authors to Watch, Juliet. Best of luck with your project.

You can learn more about the DI Frank Lyle series and connect with Juliet B Madison by visiting the following links:

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Website  |  Facebook Page  |  Twitter  |  Efanzine

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  1. Awesome. Looking forward to reading the other stories.

  2. Things are hotting up with this competition! I'm glad I've finished my own story now and sent it in! A very interesting experience for me.

  3. Still many days yet, Gerry. I wonder if I will get (m)any more.

  4. I'll be surprised if you don't, Juliet!

  5. I hope s, Gerry. None of the stories I have so far, including my own, feature either DI Andrew Redfern or DC Paula Mahon so I really hope I get one featuring them else I might have to do one myself.


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