Alternate Voices: Interview with Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

Today's guest is Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie, author and contributor to the Alternate Voices anthology.

Welcome Katrina! Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie.

I am the mother of 4 grown children, grandmother of 10 and great grandmother of 2 precious little girls, and one great grandson recently born.

I am a strong advocate against violence to anyone or any being. I speak out against child abuse, being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, abuse against women, and abuse of animals.

I am a Psychic Counselor, Teacher, Healer, Author and Herbalist.

American born, I now live in the UK with my British husband.

I have published thirteen books. Nine are children's books, one is a paranormal/romance, two spiritual books and my newest is book one in the new Ardan Kane series, which is a detective series.

My website is

Can you tell us about your contribution to Alternate Voices?

Being a huge fan of James and Thomas I wanted to write a story for them. Thomas came across a troubled girl during an investigation and decided to help her. He and James got very attached to the girl and she rewarded them with something so precious they were overwhelmed.

Why did you decide to participate in the anthology?

Being Juliet's editor I was very familiar with her books and thought I could contribute something to them.

Just for fun, which D.I. Lyle book is your favorite and why?

I loved Murder in the Wings as it included Lyle's ex-wife and I thought that was an interesting direction. I used to be in drama as a child and starred in a couple of plays in high school, it was always my dream to be an actress when I grew up.

Alternate Voices is available on iTunes, Kobo, Nook, and Kindle. The book is also available in paperback.

Other works by Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie:

Ancient Echoes 

She could hear and feel a heavy body thud onto the bed above her.  Breathing, a raspy breathing, so loud it was deafening.  She could hear the creature, the demon, whatever the hell it was, sniffing around on the bed.  Looking for her, seeking her.  Phaedra lay there in the dark, under her bed, breathing quietly, trying to get her senses and trying to decide the best course of action.  She heard the noise of the bedsprings and knew she must do something, anything, and quickly.

She began crawling on all fours towards the walk-in closet, perhaps finding some shelter there.  The thing had landed on the floor behind her.  She could hear sniffing and the padding of feet, behind her it felt like it was following her.  As she entered the closet she swung the door shut behind her, but something stopped it and blocked it from closing  as it remained ajar.  Now she could see eyes glowing in the dark, peeking through the half open door.  Eyes glowing, yellow eyes, she froze in fear, her breath taken from her.


  1. Everyone is getting their turn. Putting it together has been great fun & I'm delighted with the result. We now need to keep it in the public eye but without shoving it down people's throats.

  2. Interesting interview, Katrina!

  3. Thanks for participating, Katrina. I enjoyed having you here.

  4. It has been a lot of fun, Juliet. Thanks for organizing the book and for helping to organize this interview series.

  5. Thanks and it was great being here. Thanks for doing this.


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