Book of the Day: Land of Midnight Days

Today's Book of the Day is:

Land of Midnight Days (The Silver Flute Trilogy Book One)

by Katrina Jack

What would you do if your life was filled with fear: hide, run away - or would you fight back? In a city at war with itself, Jeremiah Tully already knows how to survive, now he must learn how to live. Mute from birth, of mixed race heritage and his only possession a charmed flute, Jeremiah tries to discover where his remarkable talent as a musician will take him.

Note: Land of Midnight Days has been previously featured on this blog in a review. I've also interviewed the author, Katrina Jack here. If you're a fan of urban fantasy, this is definitely the book for you! You can buy the book on Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Do you hate waiting for the next book in your favorite series? You don't have to! The Silver Flute Trilogy is complete and available now. Here's a peek at books two and three:

gloaming 1

dawn horizon


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