Author of the Week: Laney Smith

This week's Author of the Week is Laney Smith. She's here to talk with us about her series, her writing process, and advice for new authors.

Welcome to Authors to Watch! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Laney Smith, the author of the Lock Creek: Time Capsule Series. I have enjoyed writing my entire life. I am the proud mother of two wonderful, brilliant and talented young men. I also have two younger brothers. I live in Southern California and I enjoy standing on the beach, listening to the waves breaking against the land.

What is your chosen genre?

Romantic Mystery/Contemporary Romance

What was the most challenging aspect of writing Lock Creek: One Year's Time?

This one came fairly easily. Each volume gets harder because I have to remember events, names, dates - in some cases, and locations. It gets more and more difficult, but I enjoy the challenge.

Of all your published books, which is your favorite and why?

I love them all because they're all so different. Each book has it's own personality. But, if I could only pick one, I would have to say, Lock Creek: Time of Death because there is a scene in that book that made me cry for two weeks. I kept trying to sit and write it and I would have to step away and collect myself. It's a very strange passion - to mourn the loss of a fictional character. I was a blubbering mess. They all get to me on different levels and to get the most out of Lock Creek: Time of Death, you need the three volumes before it. But, Time of Death almost killed me. I can hear a certain song today and it starts all over again. I love these characters so much. It's tough to create a world and fill it with people and then pick the people off. But, it's especially difficult when you, as the author, didn't know it was coming. However, as I said before, they're all so different that I love them all for different reasons. Each book builds what the reader needs for Time of Death to do that thing it does. I gets your heart.

Are there certain themes or lessons you tend to explore in your books?

If books could talk, each one of these books comes to me and starts playing out. Usually, there is a title that just happens. Sometimes I understand at the time. Sometimes, it comes later. But, these books name themselves, really. Each title has a different lesson. Sometimes it's what it means to "love" someone. It may be learning to appreciate people in your life because they won't always be here. It can be lessons as simple as what you do today can come back and bite you tomorrow. They aren't preachy. But, there are definitely messages embedded in the story lines.

What is your primary goal as an author?

I have so many goals with this. I would have to say to show my kids that dreams can come true. If you want something bad enough and you go after it, it will happen. I have visions of seeing Lock Creek in film. I enjoy helping other authors find their footing, but I'm fascinated at how much I learn all the time, too. So, it seems there is no end to what you can pick up as you go. I'm thankful for that. I tend to get bored easily. So, the constant change and challenge has proven to be beneficial. I'm loving everything about this!

Which authors and/or books have inspired you as a writer?

I have a huge respect for Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks. I appreciate Stephen King's style. I feel like he does things his own way and he shows how well that can work. I always find his stories interesting and different from the "norm." Nicholas Sparks tells a really good love story, as you all know.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have so many things. I could probably fill a library if I could finish all of the works in progress. However, my primary focus at the moment is the fifth book in the Time Capsule Series.

What advice would you like to share with new or aspiring authors?

Don't try to be like anyone else. Write what you want to say. The world right now embraces everything. So, be originally you. Write your stories. Those others have been written.


Author Bio:
Laney Smith has enjoyed writing her entire life.  She had her first poem published in 1995.  Since then, she has written multiple stories for local newspapers.  She is the proud mother of two wonderful, brilliant and talented young men. She also has two younger brothers. Though she currently resides in California, she has lived in places such as Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi and Colorado.  This has given Laney an exciting opportunity to experience aspects of life that she uses to create settings, characters, and even ideals.  Through the encouragement of friends and family, Laney has now decided to pursue her hobby on a more serious level.  Thus, “One Year’s Time” was born (the first book in the Time Capsule Series) and it is with great pride that she brings this fun story to you.

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Twitter: @OYTLaneySmith

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