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Hollywood SkyeBy Suzetta Perkins

When a young woman seeking fame and fortune falls into a con artist's trap, she learns what Hollywood is really all about…and what really matters most.

Skye Taylor is a naïve, attractive nineteen-year-old, who wants to get as far away from her small Kansas hometown as possible. She coerces a soldier from a nearby army base to marry her, but soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell. With very little money, Skye leaves her husband and sets off for Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Things may be looking up for Skye when she has a chance meeting with well-dressed, well-manicured Rico Tillman, who is enthralled with her beauty and offers to manage her career. But what Skye doesn’t know is that Rico, if that’s his real name, is the head of a local car-theft ring. One day police stop Skye while she is dropping off one of Rico's cars. She uses her one phone call to contact Rico, who has already disappeared.

Skye’s life spirals out of control. She is black-listed before her acting career really takes off. And during this traumatic moment in her life, she realizes she misses her family. After everything she’s been through, Skye considers returning home, but that spark—that desire to be a part of the entertainment business—is still there. Could one more bad decision cost Skye her life?


It was as if God had dropped a giant bag of green and brown skittles all over the military base.  Skye Taylor’s small green eyes gawked as she walked through the sea of soldiers on her way to the Post Exchange, taking snapshots in her mind of each one she passed, as if she was on a shopping trip at an exotic vacation spot.  She licked her lips and drew in a deep breath, overcome with this good fortune.  The sampling was varied, but there was nothing wrong with having lots of choices.  For sure, some of the soldiers were married, but for Skye, whosoever was willing let them come.

And then she spotted him dressed in green camouflage fatigues, a wine-colored beret sitting on the side of his head.  He spotted her too and seemed amused that she was watching him, as he flirted with his eyes.

Skye’s feet wouldn’t move and her knees began to knock together.  Butterflies danced in her stomach, their wings tickling her insides.  But his eyes stalked Skye and gave her the courage to move forward.
She worked her jeans and the bright orange tight-fitting tank top that plunged at least six inches, exposing ample breasts that spilled over the thin neckline that did its best to keep her intact.  Her orange pointed-toe stilettos jutted out from underneath her jeans pointing the way—and point they did as the mesmerized soldier stood at attention until Skye was within two inches of him.

He was as tall as a skyscraper and his ruddy good looks excited her.  Although he was covered from head to toe in Army fatigues, Skye could tell he was built.  His caramel-colored, oval-shaped faced housed a pair of light-brown eyes with lashes much too long and pretty for a man.

“What’s your name, pretty lady?” the soldier asked, cocking his head to the side to get a good look.  “Walking like that might kill a soldier, especially one that’s been battling the Taliban for a long time.”
Skye smiled.  “What’s your name and were you in Iraq?”

"I recently got back from Afghanistan.  I’m Sgt. Culbertson…ahh, that is, Sgt. Bryan Culbertson.”
Skye ran her first name and his last name together in her mind—Skye Culbertson.  Not bad she thought.

“And I’ll ask again.  Do you have a name?”

Hesitating, her name suddenly burst from her lips.  “Skye.”

“Skye…uh like in the sky is blue?”

“Yes, my name is Skye with an ‘e’ tacked at the end.  My full name is Skye Taylor.”

“Well, Skye with an e, that’s a pretty name for a beautiful woman.”  Skye blushed.  But Bryan’s eyes were drawn to the healthy scoop of chest that caused other men to halt and do a double take.

"Where are you from, Sgt. Culbertson?” Skye asked, ignoring Bryan’s gaping eyes, while yet enjoying the attention.”

“The dirty south.”

“The dirty south?  Where is that?” Skye asked annoyed.

“Atlanta,” Bryan said, trying to ignore Skye’s cynicism.  “You have heard of Atlanta.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of Atlanta.”

Sgt. Bryan Culbertson glanced at his watch.  “Look, it was nice meeting you, Skye.  You’re a drop dead gorgeous sister and you’re wearing that outfit.  I’ve got to move on, though.”

"Please don’t go,” Skye said, grabbing his arm while trying not to sound desperate.  “Didn’t mean to scare you off; you were chosen.”


Author Biography

Suzetta Perkins is the author of In My Rearview Mirror, Silver Bullets, Hollywood Skye, Behind the Veil, A Love So Deep, and Ex-Terminator: Life After Marriage, Déjà Vu, Nobody Stays the Same, and At the End of the Day. She is also the cofounder and president of the Sistahs Book Club. Visit to learn more.

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