New Release: From Canaan With Love

Hi everyone.

Today’s returning guest on my blog is Melanie Dent who has just published a book written in collaboration with her Spirit Guide Canaan.

I thought it would be nice to catch up with Melanie and find out more about this book and the way in which it came together.

Hi Melanie, welcome back. I had heard a disturbing rumor that you had quit writing altogether so it’s good to know that’s not true.

MELANIE: Well it is and it isn’t. I got so sick of the Indie fiction thing, all that effort for little reward, never having the money to pay for promotion things and knowing that your books, which you spent hours researching and writing, are mired in the several million rankings on Amazon,  From Canaan with love is different; being able to work with my guide on something that renews me spiritually and is meant to be shared brings a sense of personal achievement which I imagine far surpasses being in the Amazon Top 100.

I don’t know a lot about Spiritualism or spirit guides. Can you give my readers an idea of how it works?

MELANIE:   A lot of more well-known Spirit guides, such as Silver Birch, had their teachings written down by people who were witnesses to them being spoken through a trance medium.  I’m not entirely comfortable with trance mediumship, so Canaan has used my natural ability of writing what comes into my head by delivering the messages clairaudiently. I hear them with my psychic sense of hearing (my physical hearing isn’t great although has improved since I started using hearing aids last year). Spirit work with the raw materials that you give them.

Can you give us a flavor of the book?

MELANIE: Not really, because every section is on a different subject.  I have shared some of the passages on Facebook recently and I have also had the privilege of reading some of them out at Divine Services at church.

Each message from Canaan is followed by my own writings on the same subject.  A medium gave me a message recently about putting words from Canaan and my own words side by side so that is what I have done.

I understand that you are giving some of the royalties from book sales to your church. Why is that?

MELANIE: Why not? Reading Spiritualist church is a wonderful place with lovely people and I have already gained and learned so much from being there. I want to give something back.

I understand that the paperback version of From Canaan with Love is already out. Normally authors release both on the same day or the paperback comes later?

MELANIE: That’s because I published the paperback through KDP for the first time and they don’t seem to offer a pre-order function for paperbacks. The ebook launch is scheduled for 23rd September because that’s the 9th anniversary of my boyfriend, David’s, passing to spirit and I need something to take the edge off as I still find that week difficult emotionally. I now understand that he is always with me, but I mourn his physical presence.

What do you plan to do to make the anniversary easier?

MELANIE: I will take some memory flowers to the Thursday service at church and post in the Facebook Launch event. I really hope that Canaan’s words will help bring a few people out of a dark place.

Where can my readers buy/pre-order From Canaan with Love?

MELANIE:   Here are the links where you can pre-order/buy From Canaan with Love. There are also links where your readers can learn more about Reading National Spiritualist church. 

Facebook Launch Event
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Reading National Spiritualist church - Facebook
Reading National Spiritualist church website